62° AFI Symposium – Antonella Mamoli’s interview

For the Symposium's 10th session on medical devices, we heard from Dr. Antonella Mamoli. The new regulation on medical...

62° AFI Symposium – Paola Minghetti’s interview

The 13th session of AFI Symposium will have the topic of the changes that will take place in the EU regulation of medicinal products

62°AFI Symposium – Piero Iamartino’s interview

On the occasion of this interview, we spoke with Dr. Iamartino about the European Union's proposal for new pharmaceutical legislation

62° AFI Symposium – Antonio Conto’s interview

The topic of the XII session of the Symposium will be "PMCs vs Biocides: from National Legislation to European Regulation."

When the solution risks turning into a new problem

Regulatory adjustments, the specter of payback and the complexity of the international relations framework are putting the medical device sector and seriously questioning the access of citizens Europeans to innovation.

EU pharmaceutical legislation

European Health Union: Commission proposes pharmaceuticals reform for more accessible, affordable and innovative medicines

Advertising of medical devices, what changes with the new European regulation

Regulation (EU) 745/2017 introduces for the first time a community discipline on the advertising of medical devices

Farmindustria concerns about implementing decrees delay

The implementing decrees delay postpones the fully application of the new clinical research Regulation, by putting our country in a risky situation under many aspects: the Farmindustria press release

New pharma regulations

Focus on new regulations that have just been introduced in the pharmaceutic world
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