Giorgio Bruno introduces 62° AFI Symposium

This year edition of AFI Symposium is about the Health Supply Chain and the president Giorgio Bruno introduces the upcoming sessions

Venture capital, the unexplored potential of the life sciences

In Italy, raising capital to finance startups in the life sciences sector is still in its infancy but there are many fields with high growth prospects

The technological revolution of research and development

It is clear that the technological revolution of research and development is underway, but it must now be properly governed and guided

The open-innovation culture

Open-innovation plays a prominent role in the digital transformation. However it can be effective just if coupled with the spreading of the innovation culture. Where are Italian companies now, in this regard? To access this question, some encharged observers of the School of Management at Politecnico of Milan, will investigate

Deficiencies and deviations: when the dialogue with AIFA is getting tricky

At the XV national QP day, settled by AFI, AIFA point of view about deficiencies and deviations has been elucidated

Personomics. From precision medicine to personalized medicine

In recent years, medicine based on knowledge and on the treatment of patients, recognized as individuals with unique characteristics, has mainly focused on the...
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