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The pharma green revolution (still missing)

According to the CPhI Sustainability Report, many of the methods used in the pharmaceutical supply chain are too outdated and are dragging the sector down to easily avoidable levels of emissions.

Design strategy for a sustainable future

In the pharmaceutical sector, the path toward environmental, economic, and social sustainability goals is achievable only if guided by careful industrial and political-economic planning.

An alliance that gives a voice to patients

Teresa Petrangolini explains the importance of the dialogue between the drug industry and associations to give a voice to patients

CSR Committee, PQE Group establishes internal department to enhance charitable and...

COMPANY NEWS For more than four years, PQE Group has been involved in spreading its culture of social responsibility all over the world,...

Ethics of clinical trials

We have been talking about transparency and ethics of clinical trials for years. However, it is undeniable that the COVID-19 pandemic has the "merit"...
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